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. About Wild .

Meet Michelle

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Years ago, I read this poem by Mary Oliver. I had spent the last five years working at different tech start ups and felt lost, uninspired, and cut off from the creation that had always given me energy and purpose. I thought to myself, ‘what is it I would like to spend my life doing?’.  I turned to the first job I had in high school - being a florist- and took what felt like the biggest leap of faith of my life and started Wild - I’ll tell you about it over a drink sometime. 

I have spent the last years discovering my own voice, which is a mix between a Dutch Masters painting, the Audubon Society, and a Dolly Parton Outfit.  I’m constantly caught between ‘more is more is more’ and minimalism. I find equal beauty in the curve of a single bare branch, a lush, overflowing urn of flowers, and mounds of hot pink baby’s breath hanging playfully from the ceiling. I am inspired by everything around me and love to combine the traditional and more the uncommon together. My signature lush, romantic, organic aesthetic is influenced by nature and the untamed and ephemeral beauty of flowers, and maybe a little disco too. 
Part of my desire to start my own venture was to create a workplace where my womanist ideals could be upheld. Wild is an inclusive floral design studio that supports social justice and Black Lives Matter movement with the goal of making the wedding industry and our world a safer, more representative, and more equitable place for all. It’s easy to say, but takes conscious work to uphold. I am actively participating in antiracist education and in community with like minded small businesses to stay accountable to these goals of inclusivity, liberation, and anti-white supremacy.  A portion of the total profits are going to reparations to the Black community and I volunteer at a local community garden that helps address food insecurity issues in my neighborhood in the Bronx. 

When I’m not flowering my heart out you’ll find me chasing down a Mr. Softee truck (literally, I will run blocks for a vanilla cone with rainbow sprinkles), hunting for the best dumpling in NYC, at the barre (the ballet barre that is) working on my pirouettes, rummaging through some vintage fashion, or on my more relaxing days, crafting with my cat Wolverine on my lap.

While Wild is based in New York City, my team crafts bespoke designs for weddings and events throughout the tri-state area, across the Hudson Valley, and beyond!



     Michelle Hannah . Owner and Head Designer of Wild . 




(p) 929.242.9708

Studio open by appointment only : 
388 Canal Place 
Bronx, NY 10451

Our studio is on occupied territory and homelands of the Lenape and Wappinger people. We contribute quarterly to The American Indian Community House, a 501c3 serving the needs of Native Americans residing in New York City.


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