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Ana + Kevin's Colorful and Multicultural Wedding at 501 Union

Ana + Kevin had a multi day event that celebrated Ana's Puerto Rican heritage and Kevin's Korean heritage with their favorite friends, food, and flowers! We combined tropical floral accents that reminder Ana of her childhood in Puerto Rico and traditional florals that grow in the fall in Korea for Kevin and his family. The couple loved color and wanted to make sure that the flowers didn't feel 'stuffy' or 'traditional' but reflected the vibrant and fun celebration they wanted to have. The installation over the skylight of 501 Union was one of our favorite touches because it combined sculptural topical leaves, bold blocked florals, and masses of textures to create a wow moment. Each of the centerpieces was a little different, and the overhead installation helped to pull each palette and idea together.

Photos by : Unique Lapin

Venue : 501 Union


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