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Danielle + Greg's Inspired Purple Wedding with a Ceiling Install at Sound River Studios

After a smaller, mini wedding to accommodate Covid restrictions, Danielle and Greg planned a big ceremony and reception to share with their family and friends at Sound River Studio. They were both lovers of purple, so we used that as the starting point for all of our inspiration, adding complimentary colors or orange and pink into the palette. They called the palette we designed 'cool pig' and it was a vibrant and colorful center point of the event. Even Danielle's dress had accents of purples and pinks! For flowers, the couple gravitated towards bold, architectural shapes like anthurium, mixed into softer and more organic blooms, like ranunculus and anemone. Taper candles in a peaches and corals added a perfect pop of color to the tablescapes. Making the large, open space of the venue feel intimate was one of their requests and we created a hanging fabric install to bring color and movement into the reception space and serve as a feature over the dance floor.

Planning : Colorpop Events


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